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Print pictures or write to disk?

Photography is photography only in printed form.

Misc - only preliminary stages. I printed photos have a lot of advantages over the frame on your flash drive or a folder of your computer.

Recall, for example, as the holidays were over all days of birth - unless it ended with a massive othodnyakom necessarily all move to the family album. Photos have always been inherent, if not a sense of beauty, the desire for him, the desire to document not just individuals, but their thoughts, emotions and events, then to remember and ponostalgirovat. "But Uncle Sasha! - What should be the same, what he is young! "- About such remarks were heard from adults in such moments.

Photography today is increasingly going to the computer - it is not so much sad as dangerous.
And now that the guests will show you? The computer screen size of 26 inches on the diagonal? And so they all looked the same, simply because you did not bother to print photos at least from vacations over the past three years? No, the board "sign on my Facebook, where I laid out pictures" certainly appropriate, but do you have confidence that people will do so? At best, it will call tomorrow and ask how to find you on Facebook to otmazatsya that was. Paper version imposes certain obligations on viewing.

Advantages of printed photos.

1. Has gained complete form and only in this form can be evaluated.
2. An excellent way to preserve home archive if you give them to parents, friends, etc. Photos on disk, and any carriers far from entering into eternity - a modern disc CD / DVD, in most advanced cases does not live more than two years, and the cases better than more expensive. Winchesters break down less often, but suffer more and the second problem - at large is going faster rubbish which can not be dismantled.
3. Photographs to view the guests on the occasion of their appearance in your home.
4. picture has a unique taste of the past, which wants to remember and to touch him.
5. Do not lose relevance, and over the years is viewed without reference to the chronology (as opposed to digital albums, a couple of years out of date).
6. The material, as compared with encoded into units with digital zeros.
7. Shows your level as a photographer and increases the chances of selling.
8. Puts responsibility for its quality and motivation in favor of raising it.
9. Can be hung on a wall in a frame, so that will decorate your home.

Print photos, friends. The output from this article is quite simple, unlike the rest of this site. If you want to add something, you can do so below. 2015