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How to Photograph Men? tip1

The unique challenges of photographing men - from the man next door, blue-collar workers and tradesmen to male models, actors and professional athletes - can yield some rewarding images with relatively little set-up and stress.

Here are some tips and techniques on how to photograph men.

So You Want to Photograph Men

Whether they are young, old, ruggedly handsome or “the-boy-next-door”, men offer a fascinating variety of facial features, hair cuts, expressions, poses, clothing and many other aspects you can easily use to capture a wide range of digital images for fun, trade, or profit by considering these tips and techniques for photographing men from jocks to intellectuals.

The Man of Action

Undoubtedly, one of the best scenarios in which to photograph men is the environment where they work or play. Ask your subject about his favorite leisure time activities, favorite participation sports or the type of work he does. This may well open an interesting venue for getting quality digital images of men. Go “on location” to show the man in action. Allow the subject the freedom to engage in normal activities under the chosen setting. Then you need only to set your camera, compose your images and start shooting. Fill the frame with your subject to show more detail.

Photo Shooting Tips: In strong sunlight you may need to use flash to fill in shadows or reduce harsh lighting contrasts. Use a fast shutter speed to help “freeze” motion and bracket your exposures one stop up and down of your camera’s automatic settings. Alternatively, adjust your shutter speed one setting faster or slower than automatic settings too.

Character Studies on Men

If you’d like to shoot digital photographs of men outside of a studio or formal setting, why not try some character studies? Whether the man is an outdoorsman, seaman, white collar or blue collar worker, tradesman or a fashion model, the environment which they are exposed to on a daily basis helps to form and mold their body and features.

As a digital photographer, you can capitalize on this by moving in closer to show the man’s distinctive facial and physical features. These types of images can tell viewers far more about a man than many other portrait types. Strong lighting can aid in emphasizing rugged features and provide strong digital images through heavy contrast. Allow the man to wear typical clothing for the photo shoot to provide more authenticity to the photographs.

To learn more tips on how to photograph men, please continue on to page two, where you will also be provided with tips on what not to do.

Article by Larry M. Lynch 2015