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How to photograph a ghost?


Looking at such a figure, many say that this montage and what is done in the program photoshop. But how to remove really ghostly picture did not resort to using a computer, how to make a ghost photo of myself?
To do this you need a good camera and a simple recipe for shooting.

Let's learn to do such shots.
You need to choose a room with a not very bright lighting. Set the camera on a tripod. Put the camera in Aperture Priority mode and set the highest aperture number. Accordingly, the excerpt you grow. What we need. Now direct sharpness on the subject, who will be on "ghost" (in this case a chair). Put the camera in timer mode, and quickly run to the chair.

In this photo shutter was 15 seconds. The girl stood motionless on the ground 10 seconds. After a specified time, quickly rebounded to the side outside the frame. After a few seconds, the shutter closes.

Time Exhibits "ghost" may be different, it all depends on what kind of density you want to get it. The less you are in the frame, the more transparent will your body.
So as you can do to make the ghosts of all things.


Even more interesting to do with slow shutter speeds and filters ND-8 empty streets, where there are people.

Try it and surprised by the result. 2015