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How to take pictures fat men?

fat woman

How to Photograph overweight people? If they are complex about its completeness and angle shots. I want to take a photo, which will lift spirits, which will hide the shortcomings of the figure. Needs a special approach and choice of poses, lighting, camera angle shooting.

Body position.

If the model is a little fat, a little bulging belly, then when shooting better than to stand in a half-turn to the lens, pull the stomach, straighten shoulders. If the photographer is taller or same height with the model, then when shooting in full growth, it is better to sit down and shoot a little lower. In this case, the model legs will look longer and slimmer.

fat woman

If the model has a fairly full hips, but even if the hips are normal, is not recommended to sit down to the lens. Better to sit in a half-turn (in the chair) or on my knees (on earth).
If an object has a heavy lower face (double chin, for example, planned), it is better for portrait photography to take pictures a little top, so people are not watching and did not bow his head down.

Do not shoot obese people in profile, it further highlights their completeness.
Win-win option - picture in the park / outdoors Thus: the sun 30-45 degrees to the horizon, the model stands for the tree in such a way that was shut down half of the body. The head is tilted to face fully visible (if the large double chin, neck short, full shoulders, you should not duck his head strongly). You can hug a tree with his hands, but not raise them high (elbows bent, your hands above the breast). The result is banal, but suitable for any degree of completeness, it is checked.


As for colors more controversial ... On the one hand, has always been that cold colors slim, warm - on the contrary. However, tanned skin is a warm shade usually makes a person more fit. If there is an open part of the body, which is visible cellulite, add a tan will not be superfluous, if visible folds of skin, the blackout did not help, we must think about their absence during the shooting.

Of course, do not forget the general rules for all objects of shooting on the special techniques of color and contrast. For example, if the horizontal stripes on clothes completely, then the horizontal-contrast objects in the background - on the contrary, they hide some defects. Slimming vertical stripes and the shape and the background (with the exception of colored tights. Vertical stripes on the stockings and pantyhose awfully plump legs, horizontal - on the contrary).

clothes for fatA diagonal stripes on a background does not give anything, even in the clothes look very impressive, especially in overweight women or with a very large volume of breast.


Every person has a full attractive feature of (almost everyone ...), and which should provide light, color, etc. The rest can be a bit blur, hide in the shade (preferably before treatment) or close objects such as flower-rose.
If the face is beautiful moles and freckles they should provide, along with the eyelashes and lips.
Eyebrows, stroke, eye, bright shadows on the contrary is a bit muted. Should be removed in photoshop facial deformities, such as warts.

Proper lighting.

By contour must darken, plan frame advance, and "magnificent" part of the body, strangely enough, it is necessary to allocate the opposite light.

But in general, each beautiful in its, the main note and highlight it in the photo. 2015