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Formats of images.

It is important to choose a format for recording images on removable media, for storage.
Virtually all digital cameras have the opportunity to record an image formats - JPEG, and TIFF. A sophisticated camera can record in format RAW.
Why use digital photography, three recording format images? This is due to historical and technical reasons.

Format JPEG.

JPEG file format was developed long before the first digital cameras. It is optimized for transmission of images over the Internet and various communication channels such as mobile phones. Emphasis is placed on compact files. Because of this sometimes falls picture quality.
The format has the image processing algorithms to keep the lion's share information about the brightness of pixels. And the color is calculated on the basis of truncated data. Therefore, a JPEG image is recorded with a significant loss of color and little loss of brightness and contrast.

JPEG file format provides sufficient quality for amateur photography, for viewing pictures on monitor, to be published on the internet, print to the size of the album leaf. On large prints become visible errors caused by compression.
The smaller file size, worse the quality of photograph.

TIFF format.

TIFF format is widely used in computer graphics. It allows you to save images with great depth of color, without losing data on the brightness of color.
But due to good quality images are stored, the file size is much larger than the format of JPEG.
At a low degree of file compression, the difference between the TIFF and JPEG virtually unnoticeable. Therefore, the TIFF format does not really need the latest digital amateur cameras.

jpeg vs tiff vs raw

Format RAW.

This format is native to digital photography. From a technical point of view, a full color coverage provides 16-bit encryption. But given the capacity of human vision is enough 12-bit encryption.
Some encoding options the user can specify the menu the camera. But do not manage it. Better to send RAW images on a computer and a graphics editor to manage the settings of the image. The result will be better than the color control on the camera.
By volume of RAW files occupy intermediate position between the previous format.

Thus, if you are not professional and not shoot photos of models on magazine covers, store photos as JPEG. This is the best option for the family photo album. 2015