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How to Make a Photo Frame?

We all have same photo that we want to keep forever. We can make a photo frame for it. It can make the photo look as important in the eyes of others as it is to us. Here are some steps about making a photo frame.


  1. Cut a piece of cardboard into a rectangle (you can decide the frame’s size).
  2. Cut another rectangle in the middle of the cardboard. The rectangle’ size should be smaller than photo.
  3. Decorate the frame (follow steps 4,5,6, and 7).
  4. You can paint some figures.
  5. You can make some animals or something you like by papers, and then put them on the frame.
  6. You also can use cloth or some other stuff.
  7. You can give free rein to create what you want.
  8. Cut a piece of paper into a rectangle as big as the frame.
  9. Stick the paper on the back of frame, and leave one side open so that you can put the photo in.
  10. Put the picture in the frame so it can look like a big place to put pictures in it.


  • You can look at some reference books. They might be useful in providing you with some ideas.


  • Be careful when you use scissors or knife.

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